August Update


As we approach the end of our first month running the Town Hall, just a quick note to update you.

Although August is not a particularly busy month for bookings, we have nevertheless hosted a wedding, the Elgin BID Food and Drink Festival (because of the weather) and, we’ll finish off the month with the splendid “Spirit of Speyside: Distilled 2018” on the 30th and 31st.

We then enter the month of September and bookings start to pick up again. As we made clear from the outset, we will not just take bookings but will also go looking to attract bookings and to bring new performers to Elgin. You can already see evidence of the fruits of this direct approach on our website with much more to follow soon.

If you would like to make suggestions of other performers that you’d like to see at the Town Hall please let us know, we’ll do our best to act on these within reason.

We’re working hard on the development of an online booking system and will let you know when this goes ‘live’. This will make it much easier for you to book the facility that you want, when you want it, at your convenience.

The Hall Board is desperately keen to grow our membership base (it is the members who we are answerable to), it remains quite low at the present time. If you’re interested, there’s a downloadable printable registration form available on our website that makes joining easy and straightforward.

We are also keen to make some minor changes to the Hall but are limited to what we can do. However, we will certainly improve the Hall’s appearance to the best of our ability.

You might be aware of the “Cultural Quarter” that forms part of the “Moray Growth Deal”. We are now involved in this and hope that the Town Hall might emerge refurbished, modernised and of the highest quality. Many other places in Scotland are already able to take this for granted but we will have to wait a bit longer.

I previously thanked the community for having made it possible for us to take over the Hall on 1st August by donating money. Funding will remain a top priority for the Board in the coming months as we will lose the funding support being provided by the Council in January 2019.

One way in which we will compensating for that is by staging occasional concerts that are principally about raising money for ourselves. The first of these fundraisers will be held on Saturday 20th October and has been styled “Back from the Brink”.

I take it that this inspired choice of words will not require any explanation!!

Hope that you’ve found this to be useful. Please get in touch if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Thanks and best wishes.

Elgin Town Hall for the Community

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