Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Bars at Elgin Town Hall

Elgin Town Hall is equipped with three bars located around the venue, all serving a selection cold soft, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and a small selection of bar snacks. These bars open one hour before the performance starts. Please note that not all bars will open for every event / performance.

Want to avoid the queues?

We encourage all patrons to pre-order interval drinks in advance to avoid queuing at the interval. When entering the venue, head to a bar and ask to pre-order drinks for interval and a member staff will assist.

Discover our bars

The Lounge Bar
Our largest bar, located across from the foyer in the lounge has our full selection of drinks and snacks available. This bar is usually the busiest and also holds the pre-order collection point. View Price List

The el:gin Balcony Bar
Our el:gin sponsored bar is located upstairs to the left of the balcony area and hold a wide selection of drinks, including el:gin’s moray berry and coirce vodka. View Price List

The Auditorium Bar
Our smallest bar, located at the back of the auditorium, only opens for our most busiest events and hold a smaller selection drinks in cans. This bar is used to ease queuing on our two other bars at large events.


For the safety and security of the patrons and staff, bag searches are frequently carried out at events / performances. Please note that any drinks taken on to the premises will need to be disposed of at the main enterance. Elgin Town Hall operates a zero-tolerance policy on drug and alcohol abuse and works closely with Police Scotland to ensure our events are a safe environment for all.