Terms and Conditions of Hire


  1. Applications for let must be made to the bookings team (via our online form) giving at least 14 days’ notice of any intended let, unless a fast-tracked booking is approved by the bookings team. In the event of a cancellation the lessees are bound to notify the bookings team (via email only or in writing) no later than 14 days prior to the let date. Failure to do so shall result in a cancellation fee being levied, which may be equal to the opportunity hire charge.
  2. Failure to confirm the booking by forwarding the completed application form/contract or to notify the booking office of cancellation, within the specified time, will result in the booking being cancelled / cancellation fee being levied.
  3. Parties booking the hall will be supplied with a copy of the Terms and Conditions of Hire and Rate Card, Performing Rights Society (PRS) and Public Performing License (PPL) where applicable. Hirers shall be responsible for complying with the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1998 (i.e PRS & PPL). This may require payment of an additional fee. There are no PRS/PPL charges for weddings.
  4. Bookings for the Hall may be taken up to a maximum of two years in advance from the initial date of booking unless authorised by the bookings team.
  5. The hirer must include sufficient time in the booking for set up and dismantling of equipment. Set up and dismantling can only be done in the time immediately preceding or following the booking.
  6. Application for the use of the halls on Public Holidays will be subject to special conditions and higher charges.
  7. Halls are let on a ‘first come first served’ basis, with the understanding that weekly/hourly lets stand down for major promotions and significant events.
  8. It shall be within the discretion of the operations manager:
    1. To transfer lets from one room to another within the establishment, if in his/her opinion, circumstances should justify this, and subject to appropriate notice of the proposed changed being given to the intended lessees.
    2. To modify in other respects or to discontinue a let accordingly as the accommodation may be required for the companies’ events.
    3. To refuse occupancy or to terminate any Let without notice and without assigning any reason, in any chase where, in his/her opinion, such action is deemed necessary.
    4. In the event of the Hall/Rooms being used for a purpose which, in the opinion of the operations manager, is not for public advantage, and of which the operations manager shall be the sole judge, may cancel the Let or stop the meeting or performance without occurring any liability of any kind. Where applicable, a pre-event safety meeting may be required by the operations manager.
  9. Hirers shall be held liable for any damage to the building; damage to/loss of property, furniture/furnishings arising out of their occupancy of the same.
  10. The company (Elgin Town Hall for the Community), or their employees will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any damage, injury to, or loss of good or property brought to the premises for exhibition, sale or other purpose, or for goods or property left in the premises by the lessees or persons attending any meeting or function therein.
  11. The lessees shall indemnify the company, directors, employees and agents against all claims for personal injury, whether fatal or otherwise, loss or damage to property or any other losses, damage or expenses however caused or incurred, which may arise in any way through or relating to the occupation and use of the facility.
  12. No additional fittings/decorations shall be used within the building without the consent of a hall-keeper. All such fittings and decorations hall be removed as soon as possible after the proceedings have terminated; other the hall is entitled to make an additional charge.
  13. All functions shall be opened to inspection at any time by an operations manager or employee.
  14. Should any dispute regarding a let occur, the same shall be settled by an operations manager, whose decision shall be final and binding upon the lessees.
  15. The company/hall reserves the right to amend the conditions of let/rate card at any time

Health and Safety

    1. The hall keeper is empowered to request the promoters of any entertainment or other proceeding to have the doors closed against further admission whenever he may consider it expedient to do so for safety or good order, or for any other reason. In the event of the promoters failing to comply with the request, the hall keeper may himself close the doors.
    2. All approaches, staircases, passages and CCTV cameras within the building must be kept free from any obstruction, and all doors leading to the passages kept unlocked from opening until the close of proceedings. The lessees shall obey all instructions of Company/Hall staff and Police in connection with overcrowding, good order and otherwise.
  1. Nothing shall be done, nor shall anything be brought into the premises which, in the opinion of the Caretaker, will involve extra risk to the building or other property of the company/hall, unless with consent of an operations manager.
  2. First Aid:It is the responsibility of the Lessee to provide the necessary first aid equipment and trained personnel for the duration of their event held in the facility.
  3. Smoking:in line with Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005, Elgin Town Hall is a non-smoking building. All lessees must observe this Law and abide by any arrangements for smoking outside the premises.

Occupant Capacities

    1. A number of persons to be admitted to functions in the various rooms shall be regulated by the hall/company from time to time, and it will be the responsibility of the lessee/s to ensure that these numbers are not exceeded.
    2. The maximum occupant capacities are as per the Fire Safety Officer’s recommendations.
    3. The hall staff are empowered to further reduce the occupant capacities for conditions whenever it is considered expedient to do so for safety or good order.
  1. Staffing: The lessees are required to employ a sufficient number of people to ensure safety and preserved public order, both within and without the premises to the satisfaction of the police and hall/company staff. They shall also provide sufficient doorkeepers, ticket collectors, steward’s (male and female stewards) etc, to ensure proper admission, control and exit of the patrons. Lessees using the hall for children’s entertainments shall be bound to take all necessary precautions for the safety of the children, particularly those required by Statue.

Caretaker Services

  1. All meetings or functions shall be held during hours specified in the contract / form and shall in any case terminate by the time specified on the offer of let.
    1. The hall keeper will be on duty at the commencement and end of each let and will not normally be in attendance during the hire period.
    2. A full / recall caretaking service is available, upon request and will be charged at the appropriate staff re-charge rate.
    3. Caretaker attendance during unspecified extended hours will be re-charged at the appropriate staff rate.

Lessees Responsibilities

  1. Lessees must not leave the premises unoccupied and or unlocked at the end of a let but in all instances remain on the premises until the return of the caretaker, unless alternative arrangement shave been made.
  2. The Lessees shall be required to take all precautions for the protection of the floor surface of the Hall, or any other part of the building., and shall be liable for any expense incurred in making good any damage arising through the act of vandalism and / or disfigurement of the surfaces. At all dances, suitable footwear must be work so as not to cause damage to the surface of the floor. Where, as a result of a let, extra cleaning is required, a supplementary charged to cover such extra cleaning will be payable by the lessees.
  3. All extra furnishings or packing material, including catering equipment, packing cases, straw, shavings, paper, etc., shall be removed immediately after the conclusion of the function and the premises let free of litter to the satisfaction of the caretaker.
  4. Parties engaging the Hall shall submit, to the bookings team, a programme of the proceedings along with staffing arrangements not less than fourteen days before the date of the let. To accommodate specific requirements, e.g. layout, equipment, etc. the lessee must report their requirements including anticipated numbers to the bookings team at least fourteen days before the let.
  5. Public Entertainment License:It is the responsibility of the lessee to ensure that if their event requires a Public Entertainment License by law it is obtained before the date of the event.
  6. Alcohol:If a charitable event opts to run their own bar at the event, notice must be given to the bookings team at the time of booking. It is the organisers responsibility to organise an Occasional license for their event.
  7. Gaming Act:It is the responsibility of the lessee to ensure than any license required by law is obtained in respect of the Betting & Gaming Act (1968) and that all aspects of the law are observed.
  8. Specialist Equipment:Only a qualified/experienced person approved by the Hall/company shall operate stage lighting and specialist sound equipment. It will be the responsibility of the lessee to ensure all equipment / stage lighting is returned to the original location / setting. In the case of damage / missing items clause 10 refers.
  9. Food Hygiene:Where groups / organisations wish to use the kitchen facilities it will be the lessees’ responsibility to ensure compliance with all statutory regulations e.g. Food Hygiene and Food Safety etc., and to provide appropriate equipment of a non-structural character. It is the responsibility of the lessee to ensure that the kitchen and associated equipment is left clean and in good order to the satisfaction of the caretaker at the completion of the let.
  10. Fly Posting:It will be the lessee’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the relevant sections of the Town and Country Planning (1997) Act with particular reference to Chapter 3 – Advertisements, Clauses 186 and 187 with regard to enforcement of control over advertisements.
  11. Electrical Equipment:Personal items such as laptop computers, projectors, hair styling equipment, charger etc., do not need to have PAT tested, but the user must not be left unattended at any time during the hire period. Large pieces of equipment that are used for lighting, sound and projection mustbe PAT tested and have a valid sticker displayed on the equipment to confirm the test.
  12. The lessee / nominated representative shall be responsible for ensuring that all procedure in force, particularly emergency evacuation procedures, are both understood and followed. The lessees/nominated representative will be required to sign the appropriate document supplied by the Hall keeper, indicating that they have been shown all necessary fire exits, fire-fighting equipment and notices concerning evacuation and muster stations, prior to the commencement of the let.
  13. The signature of the person or persons, or nominated representative, applying for the Hall will bind him/her or them, or those whom he or they represent, to observe the Conditions of Let.
  14. The signatory of the safety check document must be present during the entire duration of the let.


Last Updated: February 2019