Box Office

What is the Booking Fee?

Booking fees of 10% of ticket price (percentage may vary per event) apply for all tickets bought from the ETH online Box Office website. This booking fee helps to ensure our hall continues to run as a sustainable business.

As we are a charity and sell tickets for shows at Elgin Town Hall, the booking fee helps us continue to operate as a business. Like every business it is imperative we cover all our costs and any share of revenue we take from the ticket price wouldn’t allow us to do this sufficiently. We want to provide the best and most convenient ticket box office service for our customers. To make this possible it takes considerable resource and investment in new ticket technologies. The booking fee enables us to ensure that you will enjoy the best possible customer experience when you buy tickets from us, now and in the future.

Can I get a refund on my tickets?

We cannot refund tickets so please check carefully when booking. We will try (where possible and the event promoter allows) to exchange tickets for another performance of the same production to those of the same value, upon return of the original tickets to the Box Office (an admin fee of £3 per ticket will apply).

We are unable to refund tickets if you are no-longer able to attend the event. Please also note that tickets are not transferrable and we may ask for ID to prove tickets belong to you. All tickets are scanned and deactivated upon check-in and if duplicate tickets are detected, we reserve the right to cancel the ticket and refuse admittance without refund.

If you like to contact our team regarding a concern or refund, please email

When will I receive my tickets?

All tickets bought from the ETH online Box Office are e-tickets. These need to be presented at the door to front of house staff on arrival to gain admittance.

All e-tickets are automatically emailed out to the buyer’s email address once payment has been received (normally within a few minutes of receiving an order confirmation). If you don’t receive your tickets, please check your junk/spam mailbox or alternatively whitelist in your mailbox settings. If you still don’t receive your tickets via email, please email our team on for assistance.

If you would prefer to have your tickets printed and posted to you, please contact our team on with your order details. Please Note – we can only post tickets to the provided address during the order process and there will be a small fee for this service.

What happens to my personal details?

We store your personal contact details so that we can communicate with you if any issues occur or to advise you of upcoming events that might be of interest to you. If you do not want us to contact you, please let us know by emailing our team on We will never share your details with anyone else. For more information on your privacy and how we handle your data, please read our Privacy Statement.

What happens to my card details?

We use these details only to process your booking; your details are encrypted and are not stored by our system. We use PaymentSense to process all payments securely and separate from our system. When you enter your card details on our site, they are securely passed to PaymentSense servers for processing and deleted. We store your personal data such as address and contact details securely on our servers. For more information on how we store and process your data, please visit our Privacy Statement.

Can I pick my seat?

Not all events in Elgin Town Hall have allocated seating. When booking tickets via our website for an eligible event, you can select the specific seats that you wish to buy from a seating plan. If there is no option to choose your seats, the event only offers general admission and seats are based on a first come first served basis. Some event may also offer seating locations (although not allocated) for example. A theatre production may offer a stalls ticket and a balcony ticket for two different prices. Although those seats are not allocated, you must sit in the section that your ticket shows. Please note – no event will ever be oversold at Elgin Town Hall.

What is a Restricted View seat?

There are certain seats in the auditorium which are classed as ‘Restricted View’. This means that a structural feature, such as a pillar, or seating at an angle that will partially block your view of the stage. Degrees of restriction will vary, but your view of the stage is never completely impeded.

Where are all the seats located?

The Stalls is the name we use for the ground floor in the main auditorium, this section is split into forward, centre and rear stalls. The rear stalls are slightly raised and allow viewing above the centre and forward stalls however, they are some distance from the stage. The Balcony is the name we use for the tiered seating on the first floor which are directly above the centre and rear stalls. The balcony boxes are located on the first floor at either side of the auditorium.