Update 28th June

The Elgin Town Hall for the Community Working Group has continued to ‘pull out all the stops’, supported well by the Council’s Community Support Unit, with a view to taking over the running of the Hall from 2nd July.

Although considerable further progress has been made during the last two weeks, we have basically run out of time to get everything in place that is required of us before we could take the keys next week.

It nevertheless remains the case that the members of the Working Group have done a remarkable job in getting us so close to achieving this goal, in less than 4 months, and they deserve our praise and gratitude.

Given this spirit and commitment, the Working Group is firmly resolved to carry on driving things forward and would hope to reach agreement with the Council early in July, with a view to taking on the Hall from 1st August.

Significantly, I understand that the Council has, today, agreed to keep the Hall open, meantime, and we take that as a vote of confidence in what has already been achieved.

This decision should also provide some reassurance to those who have Bookings and who remain concerned that these might not be honoured. No one, seriously, wants the Hall to close.

We will continue to provide updates and would very much welcome any questions or comments that you might have.

Thanks and best wishes.

Mike Devenney
Elgin Town Hall for the Community Working Group

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